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L'il Tweeter Bird's Nest Compostable. CUSTOM GIFT WRAP

L'il Tweeter Bird's Nest Compostable. CUSTOM GIFT WRAP

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A romanticey, fluffy dreamy kind of wrapping with a re-usable optional dove decor. The extra-delightful things about this wrapping is that the ribbons are completely compostable and the thin ribbons can even be placed outdoors for nesting birds. Made from USA-grown organic cotton, they undergo a 'Santa special' mechanical process to reduce their processing making them paper-like compared to fabric cotton.


  • Recycled gift box which is recyclable
  • Wrapping made from recycled paper which is recyclable
  • Compostable and recyclable paper bow (your choice)
  • Compostable paper ribbons 
  • Optional novelty reusable ornament or accessory

The product and price shown include the l'il tweeter dove decor. This style is available with mini paper decor in the place of the birdy ornament for a lower price. Once we know your gifting vision we will make a recommendation.





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