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Furoshiki Fusion East Meets West. CUSTOM GIFT WRAP

Furoshiki Fusion East Meets West. CUSTOM GIFT WRAP

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Furoshiki is Japanese style fabric wrapping. Our founder and wrapper was trained in this ancient art by a Japanese wrapping master. Furoshiki is not normally greatly embellished with extra ribbons or decor, except when it's Giffty's FUSION FUROSHIKI. This custom style combines the eco-friendliness of Furoshiki by using fabric which is reusable as a scarf, bandana, household linens etc. and wows it up with themed decorations to meet your gifting vision.

Prices of Furoshiki vary depending on the gift size and the fabric used. As a guide, the blue flower bomb shown here with paper decor is 8" x 8" x 6". The ocean theme octopus design with wooden ornament is a gift the size of two stacked shoes boxes.


  • Furoshiki wrap
  • Paper decor
  • Ribbon from recycled plastic water bottles (optional)
  • Wooden reusable ornament (optional) 

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