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Gussy Up My GiftCard: Creativity For Cash. CUSTOM GIFT WRAPPING

Gussy Up My GiftCard: Creativity For Cash. CUSTOM GIFT WRAPPING

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Gift cards are soooooo popular to give and receive and why the hecko not? Then you can get just what you want. Many of our clients just want to gussy up that gift card, especially on those super special occasions ...  milestones, when you want to give the giftee what they want but you still want them to have a knock-your-socks-off WOW. It's a bit tough to make that happen with a weenie little box :(( 

Our popular Gussy Up My Gift card is a semi custom or custom service to make your gift card pop in 3 easy steps:

  1. Buy your recipient their card on Amazon or wherever
  2. Let us know what kind of card you purchased and the value [ ex: Amazon Reload $50 or Visa Gift Card $75]. We'll attach a Giffty Look-Card* showing what's been purchased. We recommend purchasing electronic gift cards and sending via email to your recipient
  3. If you prefer to attach the actual card you bought, you can have it shipped to us via Amazon or email us a 'Print At Home' Card, or if you are local drop into our Wrappery studio in Lafayette, CA. We also pick up cards and gifts for wrapping
  4. We will ship Gussied up giftcards directly to your recipient, or back to you
  5. For local clients we will hand deliver back to you, or onward to your recipient.

 Gussy up my gift card prices vary. Once we know your budget, we'll suggest some options. Mini wow prices start at $9 excluding shipping or hand-delivery.


A Giffty LookCard is an exact physical portrayal of a gift card, but does not include the number. The actual gift card would go to your recipient by email from you. Please schedule ahead of time so we can ensure arrival of the Gussy Up Giffty on the same day that your giftee receives their gift card by email. We hear that by gifting cards this way, people are less likely to lose them or forget they have them at all. 

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL AMAZON, VISA OR OTHER GIFT CARDS. Please be careful purchasing and using gift cards as there are fraudulent nasty peeps out there. Never pay for an item with a gift card if you do not know and trust the vendor. Treat a gift card number like cash. 





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