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Beach Bum Water-Saving RubbleWrap. CUSTOM GIFT WRAP

Beach Bum Water-Saving RubbleWrap. CUSTOM GIFT WRAP

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Using our stunning RubbleWrap Tree-Free Paper, this refreshingly resource-saving gift wrapping style is perfect for water-babies as it saves a vast amount of water during the production process vs making recycled or virgin paper wrap. Not only is it tough and difficult to tear but it's green as a really green thing !  Our unique gift wrapping can be re-used as gift wrap (over and over), craft supplies, lunch bags, placemats and more.


  • Recycled gift box
  • RubbleWrap high performance wrapping
  • Ribbon made from recycled water bottles and recycled paper

Shhh... don't tell them it's just a bit of old drywall ... 



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